A Headless CMS designed to categorically
assist content-heavy websites
Wyver specialises in managing massive
content that require frequent updates &
heavily relies on manual intervention.
Workflow Management
Develops an Agile and Organised workflow
CDN services
Runs on a built-in fast and efficient CDN supported gallery
Outperforming every other headless CMS there is
SEO Metadata
Provides you a way to store SEO related metadata
Performance & Reliability
Boasts of a best-in-class backend system
Familiar Capabilities, Impeccable Execution
User Roles & Permissions
Systematising company and project level permissions along with view/edit access
User registration & Two factor authentication
Secure, simple and quick sign ups to get your users started
Site Management
Organising the website content and arranging them into a layout chosen by you
Content Versioning
Storing all versions of content and enabling you to access them as and when needed
Secure data transmission (HTTPS)
Unbeatable data security over the internet for any size of data you provide
Content Scheduling
Real-time scheduling of content to post them at the right time and right moment
Data Organisation
Neat organisation of a massive bulk of data through categories and tags
Regular security updates and patches
Constantly bettering security and functional features for you
a Headless CMS built
specifically for you
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